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Whether it is the layout of a bachelor pad, the texture of a fine silk, a stunning landscape, the precision engineering of a luxury watch or dramatic lines in the design of a car, I cannot help but feel inspired. Millions of items in our everyday life have been created and design fit for purpose. I am a young amateur designer with big ambitions to one day inspire the design world as many designers currently inspire me.

To Design

Philippe Starck once said "Everything I do is a symbol. Everything has a meaning."

Design is certainly not just a platform to design items at random, but a platform to allow us to design and build a better future. Design and innovation has pushed every industry across the world and enabled once difficult processes to become easy. It is our nature to evolve and design is certainly one important element that allows us to do this.

My Blog

September, 2013

Just added more design ideas, images and more...

June, 2013

Are we pushing online design elements and engineering enough.

Watch Design

I find high end watch design and engineering fascinating and intriguing. Literally designed like clockwork.

Car Design

Car design has come a long way and most will admit there has been a few shockers over the years. Click to view more...

Interior Design

Interior design has taken many shapes and forms in the last hundred years with many ideas and designs often being recycled.


With vast advances within design, engineering, building and general technology, architecture has been taken to a whole new level.



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